Our automobile and autoelectric adventure, which started with auto repair and painting works in 1972, has gone beyond repair and maintenance works and turned to different channels.

When the years showed the 90s, the black and white adventure, which renewed itself day by day, has now been replaced by color televisions. . Our ongoing work with different brands and products gained momentum, Turkey and prestigious leader of the world's leading telecommunications and electronics firms reached its peak with authorized distributorships.

Among them, we can count ASELSAN, EMS, ZER, DRAGER and PELI.

Our company, which also exports Turkish sound and light warning systems and ambulance equipment to international markets, is becoming the most sought-after supplier of national and international customers by globalizing its goals.

Tunç Teknoloji Ltd., which is closely interested in the sectors needed in the modern world where innovation technology is a must, continues to invest in new areas with its analytical professional team.

Our Mission

Our mission is always to provide our customers with quality products and to ensure their unconditional satisfaction.

Our Vision

Our vision is to follow the latest technology and turn quality product and intellectual knowledge into company mentality.
We continue our way without getting tired with the slogan of "Making life valuable."